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As an ICU and critical care nurse, I witnessed and experienced first hand the shortcomings  that plagued pharmacies within Los Angeles County. As I started a home health business later on in my career, horror stories told by our patients and nurses only reinforced my beliefs. Patients couldn’t access medication, durable medical equipment was difficult to obtain, and it was near impossible to speak to a native speaking Chinese pharmacist or technician. My home health business sought to solve and provide solutions to the problems many of our patients and nurses had.

I eventually started to look into the purchase of a pharmacy to provide the services to my local community. After the purchase, we moved tactically provide solutions to shortcomings existing in chain pharmacies and under-funded local pharmacies. We solved many problems and relocated to provide our services to a larger community and expand the services offered.

Although it is a big challenge to provide medicine and medical care to all residents, our team is always up to the challenge as we strive for perfection and efficiency for all those that depend on us. 

- Fung Wah Tsang - CEO



As a company originally founded to provide quick and easy accessibility to prescriptions, community involvement naturally became a part of our company philosophy. We have not forgotten this founding quality as our company grows. Through tough global events and through touch economic struggles, we continue to make charitable donations to the community that has supported us so much throughout the years. We encourage our team to participate and help in their local communities as much as possible. 


We are always focused on development. Whether that be development of our own company moving forward, development of our own employees, or development of our relationship with the customer. We are always looking to the future and eager for what it awaits. What could be more exciting than what the future offers? 



The world is full of problems, but very rarely does anyone offer a solution. Here at Phoenix Pharmacy we strive to always provide solutions to our customers, employees, and business partners. 


At the very forefront of our company values, beliefs, and traditions is respect. We believe all individuals deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. We ensure that our team is only comprised of individuals that will show the utmost respect. 

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